Hotel Reservations

We suggest the following to hotels which are near the Tsinghua campus. Attendants can also find their own hotels for accommodation, however, you shall check beforehand whether they can accept foreign passports for registration.

Hotel name
Hotel name (Chinese)
Price per night (proximately)
telephone Number
Beijing Xijiao Hotel 北京西郊宾馆 463 RMB yuan +86-10-62322288
Uniscenter 紫光国际交流中心 830 RMB yuan +86-10-62791888 No English website
Wenjin Hotel 文津国际酒店 883 RMB yuan* +86-10-62525566



北京近春园宾馆        价格:480元/晚起  联系方式:010-62784008

北京西郊宾馆          价格:463元/晚起  联系方式:010-62322288

文津国际酒店          价格:883元/晚起  联系方式:010-62525566

三和概念酒店          价格:270元/晚起  联系方式:010-62340038

汉庭酒店(清华东门店)  价格:297元/晚起  联系方式:010-62313232

和家宾馆连锁北四环店  价格:238元/晚起  联系方式:010-82629195

盛世华园宾馆          价格:248元/晚起  联系方式:010-62701567

四季如家宾馆          价格:279元/晚起  联系方式:010-62795206



From airport to Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University is located in the northwest of Beijing. If you arrive by taxi, please ask for “East Gate of Tsinghua University” (清华大学东门) which is at the north of the crossroad of Qinghua East Rd. and Shuangqing Rd. The Beijing Capital Airport is about 30 kilometers away from the Tsinghua University. The taxi fares in Beijing are quite affordable and you pay exactly the amount shown on the taximeter. It takes about 50 minutes and costs about 110 RMB (about 16 USD, including 10 RMB Highway Fee). You are advised to keep the receipt, which could help you find the driver when necessary.

Another way is taking a shuttle bus ( It costs 16 RMB. There are several shuttle buses starting from the Capital Airport. You should choose the bus from the airport to Zhong Guan Cun. You get off at the stop of Zhong Guan Cun (the last stop of the bus). Then take a taxi to Tsinghua University (the north-west gate), it costs about 15RMB